Wind farm in Scotland awaiting go-signal

Oct 25, 2012 allendavisaustralia    Comments Off    Posted under: Wind Energy

Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd is awaiting the green light from the government for what is touted to be Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm project. Two wind farms are planned, and will be constructed just off the coast of Angus.

According to Seagreen, if the project is approved by the Scottish Government and Marine Scotland, the wind farms would not only generate 3.5 GW of power, but also create 700 permanent jobs. The project will cover over 1,700 square miles, and plans include offshore substation platforms, undersea cables, and weather masts.

However, opponents of the turbine plans point out the wind farm will only generate expensive electricity. The turbines themselves, according to the group, Communities Against Turbines (CAT) Scotland, will be hard to maintain in the sea-salt environment and subsidy costs will be passed to customers.

SSE Renewables, one of the companies behind the wind farm project, state however that the plans will help the country diversify to more renewable sources of energy. Britain’s island geography means it is surround by water, and thus there are huge wind sources that can be tapped to help the country meet its renewable energy targets by 2020.

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