UK renewable energy firm to invest £150 million on projects

Dec 6, 2012 allendavisaustralia    Comments Off    Posted under: Renewable Energy

One of the United Kingdom’s leading renewable energy developers, Blue Energy, pledges £150 million on investments for green energy projects next year. The firm, founded by Chris Dean and Mark Healey, is behind the world’s fourth largest solar power plant, currently being built in Ghana.

Blue Energy has been working on green energy developments across the UK and has just received a funding of £10 million from The Co-Operative Bank for the firms wind farm in Aberdeen. At present, the company earns its revenues by developing wind or solar power projects and selling the electricity generated to wholesale energy markets.

The £250 million solar power development in Ghana is the largest in Africa, and is expected to increase the energy capacity of the country up to 6%. Chris Dean explained that the firm is looking to expand the domestic wind market while also taking opportunities for solar energy developments outside the country.

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